Modernising Energy Data



This is a public website for anyone who wants to know about the GB energy data landscape, but our main target audience are professional users and providers of energy data.







What information will I find?

A catalogue describing energy data-related activities and web links for where to find out more about them

Who runs this site?

Staff from the The site is hosted by Ofgem

Who creates its content?

This is a collective effort by energy data professionals from many organisations. See our

Can I leave comments?

Yes! Even if you are not a registered user you can write comments at the bottom of any page.

We are trialing this feature.

It allows anonymous people to add commentary on this site. The site admins reserve the right to delete comments they deem to be inappropriate. We will keep under review whether to allow this site feature to be used.


Who’s responsibility is the content?

All information added is the sole responsibility of the person who added it

Although Ofgem makes this site available, it does not responsibility for the content added by other organisations. The appearance of content on this site in no way implies that the government and/or the energy regulator endorse the associated work. To find out about official government and regulatory positions about any such work, please see the official website of the appropriate body.

I want to see this site’s content

Great. The whole website is in the public domain. There’s a navigation pane on the left, start reading!

I want to add content to the site

Please contact one of our site or email

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Here’s our list of browsers we have checked

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More about why we created this open-access website





We want to improve our ways of working

While delivering our main goal of modernising energy data, we are taking the opportunity to try to improve ways of working between organisations operating in the energy sector, so we can all be more effective at delivering services to energy consumers.

Why we created a public website

It’s an exciting time for the energy market. There is a lot going on. This comes with its challenges for people working in the sector, it’s hard to stay on top of everything that is happening. Work can be made easier through making it easier to share information and communicate.

There is a growing need for energy data to be exchanged between people/organisations and there are a growing number of that working to make this happen as effectively as possible.

This website is aimed at providing a resource of information to help energy professionals do their jobs better. This public website is an inclusive approach to sharing information about what is happening in the GB energy sector.

Whoever you are, you have access to all of our information on this website.

What we ask of you as a user of this website

Everyone who adds content to this site does so knowing that their contributions are immediately publicly available. This means that information they provide may still be being drafted and improved as it gets read.

We want to give our readers visibility of work as soon as possible. In exchange, we ask readers to be understanding of this as we work to create and improve the content.

This is a prototype

We haven’t worked in this way before. If it works, we’ll make it even better. If it doesn’t help people, we’ll close the site down.

How to give your feedback

To give your feedback on this website, please contact